It's Time to Start Develop our products

We are a young company and a company with internet attributes. Because of this, we can communicate better with our customers, We are willing to hear customer feedback.

Multifunctional Happy Toy Gun

This product has elastic slingshot, water gun, and does not require battery drive. children's happiness is actually very simple.

knife Sharpener

This is one of our carefully selected products that can make you very happy in the kitchen

Security Set

This suit solves the most important problem in the family-Safety. Do you have a scenario where the issue at your home, and isl told by the security company? and you are the latest one to know. With this solution you can tell your security company that there is a issue at your home now.

Selfie? Selfie!

Taking selfies may be a very simple thing, But this selfie product we understand, It's a selfie that lets you free your hands. Not only can you install a mobile phone, also your gopro accessories, and these accessories can be used alone!